Just having a website isn't enough.  Like other parts of your business, your website should play an important functioning role. If it was just built and forgotten, then you are missing the point. Depending what you are selling will determine the kind of site you will have. 


Homebase for your online presence. 

Websites have come a long way since 1995 and we have worked with it all. HTML, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla to name a few. Through trial and error, we have narrowed it down to one platform that does it all and best of all, anyone can make edits. Finally you are in control and not stuck hiring a professional all the time.  DFH will get you started with your own customized template so visitors can contact you as you build content. Based on your specific needs, you can add modules like:


  • Selling Products? Shopping Cart Module

  • Providing a service? Booking Module

  • Influencer? Social Media Marketing

  • Selling food? Restaurant Ordering Module

  • Live Streaming? Zoom Meeting Appointments

  • Generating Leads?  CRM and Email Marketing

  • Exclusive Content? Login and Subscriptions Module 


Designerforhire subscriptions include 24/7 web support.