your own adventure

one: concept

Look over some concepts then narrow down your choice.

two: colourize

Your choice is refined and colour added, ready for the final selection.

 three: confirm

After minor changes, it is time to approve and finalize the logo.  A logo assets folder is created.


Let's put that logo to work. Save time, energy and resources by leaving the production to us. Login to view our extensive store of print products.


Designerforhire will create a versatile vector logo that can be branded on everything. Digital versions also included.


is more important than knowledge

~ Albert Einstein


Websites have come a long way. As technology improves so does the cost and functionality. Designerforhire will build a site as a tool for your business and not an expensive trophy collecting dust.


Anyone can set up their social media presence but designerforhire will do it will style and class. Uniform high quality graphics mixed with originality and creativity. 

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