"A logo is a visual symbol used to instantly identify a company, organization, product or brand."



Establishing a successful brand requires a professionally designed logo that can carry the weight of being used on many forms of mediums. Once we have finalized an effective logo, we are here to provide consulting on how and what to use it on. For example: picture or video watermarks and introductions, print material, merchandise, letterheads, marketing material, website and more.


How to get started. Choose a logo package that suits your business. Once we establish the name and type of of your business, we will come up with 3 draft samples to understand your vision. After choosing the right concept for you, we refine the logo further with colour and variations. Your final cut is saved as a vector ready PDF.


Designerforhire subscriptions include 24/7 logo support and digital assets folder. 

Adaptations, colour variations, animation & more with dfh subscription.